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>Saba Karim

About The Judges

Saba Karim

Saba Karim is the Pipeline Manager at Techstars, based out of Boulder Colorado, helping source startups across the world for their mentorship-driven accelerators. Prior to Techstars, Saba lead growth for Evolve, which went on to be acquired by Hubspot (NYSE:HUBS), helped run Techstars Boston Accelerator in 2018, and is also on the founding team of Orai, the #1 public speaking app, backed by Comcast Ventures. Originally from Australia, Saba grew up in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where he completed his Bachelors' and Masters' Degree at Deakin University. Saba attended Stanford University in 2014, which is how he made his move to the U.S. Saba's passion is with startups, growth, and disruption - seeing motivated founders challenging the status quo and making meaningful innovations is why he jumps out of bed every morning. That, and the Techstars #GiveFirst ethos is what inspired Saba to create the Coast to Growth Podcast.

Join us at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast April 26-28