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>Christine Brennan

About The Mentor

Christine Brennan

Designer, Innovator, Thought Provocateur Christine Brennan is a passionate Design Thinking practitioner helping corporate teams and small businesses to bring ideas to life. Christine strives to assimilate the “Human” in the development of products and services. She is fascinated by the complexities of human behaviour and psychology – ever intrigued by what makes us ‘tick’. Drawing on her strength of Socratic questioning, Christine helps businesses to build deep empathy with their customers and design solutions tailored to their needs. Experienced in strategic thinking and people leadership, Christine has successfully built resilient teams through pioneering leadership models designed to navigate complexity and ambiguous environments. Christine relishes opportunities for personal development and shares this passion with others through regular coaching and mentoring to help individuals and teams apply a designer’s mindset to complex business and social problems. Christine also holds 15 years project management experience in both operational and corporate contexts. As a parent and a woman who has worked in non-traditional roles, Christine is personally motivated to support other women to achieve their dreams and goals. “There is no truth. There is only perception” – Gustave Flaubert

Join us at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast April 26-28