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We recently caught up with SportsCube a team that formed at Startup Weekend. Founder Jackson Dickfos shared some insights when we asked him to reflect on his experience at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast and the impact the experience has had on him since.

What year did you participate?


How did your team perform?

Our team were fortunate enough to win the “Spirit of Start-up Weekend” award, in which we took great pride in. We were truly inexperienced going into the weekend but showed a shear will to learn and have a crack at every challenge that came our way. Though SportsCube’s last pitch didn’t take out first place, internally we knew we had won in so many other ways, including the connections we made, the skills we adopted, and the entire experience that was now under our belt.

How did you grow over the weekend?

Being in an environment where you’re encouraged to make a business model out of a simple idea in such a short time developed our productivity, grit and team cohesion to a level which none of us had experienced previously. Our interpersonal skills, public speaking and creativity were tested and enhanced because of the challenges that we faced. You have no choice not to benefit and improve as a person and future entrepreneur from the experience.

What impact has the weekend had for you since?

The impact of the weekend resulted in us continuing with our venture, and we are still operational and building our business to this day. We met and worked alongside many individuals during our start-up weekend, including mentors that are now a part of our advisory board, and other attendees who have completed internships with us.

What would you say to someone thinking of registering for startup weekend SC 2019?

If you’ve ever contemplated starting your own business, wanted to build an idea from the ground up or even if you already own or manage any type of business and see yourself as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, then this weekend is for you. The entire SportsCube team are huge advocates for weekends like this one because of the unpredictable and opportunistic nature of the event. Each start-up weekend breeds a fast and unparalleled learning experience which is very difficult to replicate.


To learn more about SportsCube visit their Facebook page.



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